The Dramatic Dead (A Dirk Bentley Mystery)


The heart of the city is being gutted by a ritualistic serial killer and the police have hit a wall. Dirk, a private detective, is thrust into the maniac’s world by a mother’s desperate plea. 

A tragic mistake leads the killer toward his next victim: a girl with ties to the investigation. Now Dirk and his quirky team of problem solvers must race against the clock to find the killer before the next victim is claimed.

A private investigator, his best friend, a cop, and a specter named Victor are all that stand in the way of a madman and his next victim.

The Reverent Dead (A Dirk Bentley Mystery)


 Dirk Bentley, private investigator, is in a rut. Stuck with a case he can’t solve, he is put in the uncomfortable position of grasping for clues and finding none.

Trying to take his friend’s mind off the stalled case, Keith drags Dirk kicking and screaming out to investigate a different case they took as a personal favor to the regional archbishop.

Dean Cordain: The Diamond-Studdeed Legs Matter


I love the stench of stale beer and despair. It’s home. You came in here for, or because of, one of those things. I don’t see a beer in your hand, so I’m guessing the cops either won’t help or maybe you can’t go to the cops. That’s the only reason someone seeks out a gutter detective like me. 

You lost your dignity at the door when you walked into this crappy bar and you desperately want it back.

Hire me and I make no promises, save one. When I am done, I might be able to show you where to look for what's left of that lost dignity.

Take my last client. All high class and too much money for her own good. But she got into a bit of a family dispute and, if she’d gone to them, the cops weren’t likely to be very sympathetic. She sat across from me, same as you, and asked me to look for someone precious to her. But I am getting ahead of myself. She hired me and I did the only thing I’m good at. I started digging …