What goes bump in the night?

Crimson Tassels


A tortured spirit, trapped at the scene of her family’s murders, relives that day every day for thirty years. Stuck in an eternity of torment, she slips into insanity, while hatching a plot for release. 

She bides her time until the circumstances are right for her escape from an otherworldly prison.

Elizabeth and Jack Milburn buy a quaint old farmhouse in Central Illinois, unaware of the malevolence waiting for them. 

Elizabeth finds herself trapped in an unescapable prison, while Jack battles the spirit of a scorned woman. Jack and Elizabeth must both succeed since failure by one would mead the death of the other. Can they save their own lives and save each other?



Something lurks deep in the hear of the town of Riapoke. A thing that waits ...


Meghan and her teenage son, Kyle, take a lovely vacation to a resort sitting along the shores of beautiful Lake Oleander. The seemingly idyllic lake has two things going for it, the upscale resort and the town of Riapoke, which they are warned to stay as far away from as possible.

Coming 2020


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