The Reverent Dead

Dirk Bentley, private investigator, is in a rut. Stuck with a case he can’t solve, he is put in the uncomfortable position of grasping for clues and finding none. Trying to take his friend’s mind off the stalled case, Keith drags Dirk kicking and screaming out to investigate a different case they took as a personal favor to the regional archbishop.Detective Carrie Pettygrew, Dirk’s longtime girlfriend, responds to a break-in at a local cathedral. Catching a petty suspect on the scene, they only narrowly miss grabbing a high end cat burglar whose reputation suggests he would have nothing to do with this type of petty crime. The remaining suspect suddenly sings like a canary, leading Carrie to an interesting theory. All of these cases are linked somehow. Proof of that link remains frustratingly just out of grasp.A series of questions and interviews lead the team down an evidentiary path pointing them to an underworld turned upside down as criminals turn on each other in an attempt to gain the upper hand in an internal struggle for power pitting old Mafia against new. While the team celebrates a break in the case, the unthinkable happens and one of their own is sent to the hospital. It will not be the first time the assassin finds their deadly mark.

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