The Dramatic Dead

Dirk is many things to many people. To his girlfriend, Carrie, he is the object of her affection and the future groom to her bride. To his best friend, Keith, he is a childhood friend and his sometimes boss when Keith feels like it. To his niece, Claire, he is a surrogate father when her own father died in a war in the Middle East. To Victor, he is the guy who bought the old building he happens to haunt and sometimes butt of the wily spirits practical jokes. To the parents of a serial killer’s victim, he is their last hope.A serial killer plagues the normally quiet city as Dirk struggles to find a thread linking each victim which seems to be elusive. An interview with any of the families of the former victims help connect the dots as a thread appears. Every one of the victims is a member of an exclusive club in the theater arts department of the local high school. Dirk, and the team zero in on the patriarch of the theater program as suspect number one. Increasingly convinced they have their man, they uncover a disturbing fact of sometimes beloved and sometimes hated teacher. The teacher is a cocaine addict, forced to feed the twisted goals of a serial killer who has done everything to ensure no line of evidence could possibly lead back to him. An interview with a student in Claire’s school leads to a suddenly distressing turn of events. The unfortunate girl is singled out as the killer’s next victim. Dirk must face his own remorse over exposing the girl to danger while the team, and the police department, rush to try and solve the case and save the girl before the killer has a chance to claim his next victim.

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