Meghan and her teenage son, Kyle, get a discounted rate at an upscale resort due to a last minute cancellation. Meghan wants to spend some time with her son before he takes off to college where she worries she will lose touch with the one person in her life which gives it meaning. The resort sits along the shores of beautiful Lake Oleander. The seemingly idyllic lake has two things going for it, the upscale resort and the town of Riapoke, which they are warned to stay as far away from as possible.

A beautiful day leads to the accidental meeting of Mike Chase, and his daughter, Kelley. While the two kids hit it off as friends, Meghan and Mike feel an attraction and decide to spend a little more time together to see if their feelings for one another are genuine. Meghan worries she could never have for anyone like that ever again.

The morning of the lunch date, Meghan and Kyle spend a little time boating on the beautiful lake before Meghan was set to meet Mike for lunch. Their outing ends in both swimming for their lives through a rainstorm that sinks the resort’s boat. They make it back to what they suppose is the resort’s boat docks, only to find out it is the docks of the town of Riapoke. Both mother and son are apprehended by the Riapoke’s only law enforcement officer and are held to meet Donny, the town’s mayor, judge, and unofficial Chief of Police. Donny secretly wears one other official title, high priest of a secretive cult responsible for the care and feeding of a demon residing beneath the bedrock of the town.

Mike grows suspicious about his missing love interest and her son and tracks them down to the secretive municipality. Sneaking into town, he moves to save everyone before Meghan and Kyle become the final sacrifices, completing a prophecy spelling doom or salvation for the town or Riapoke.

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