No Name

Allie has a lot on her mind. Raised by an outlaw biker gang, the world is shaded in the grays of the underworld. She values family and friends above all others. A good student, she relies heavily on her retired biker uncle Red. She loves him like a father.

A star on the track team, she goes for a training run that changes her life. When a terrifying creature born of mud, chemicals, and the DNA of a long deceased serial killer and rapist corners her on a deserted trail, deep in the woods, Allie realizes she must escape his clutches or become a victim.

Having witnessed the creature kill another runner on the trail, and the owner of a tackle shop, Allie undertakes an all-out sprint to the only place she can think of which provides safety, the gang’s headquarters. Her safety is short lived as the creature destroys her family and the only home she ever knew.

On the other side of town, a psychically gifted man named Dale, wakes to the revelation he is seeing life through the eyes of a teenage girl being attacked by a monstrous creature. He can feel the creature’s urges to do harm and a sense of dread overtakes him as he realizes the creature is alarmingly familiar. Too real of an experience to be dismissed, he knows what he has to do. Dale is spurred into action to rescue the teenager and her uncle from the clutches of a creature hell-bent on killing and raping the girl while killing anyone getting in its way.

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