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No Name

     Allie has a lot on her mind. Raised by an outlaw biker gang, the world is shaded in the grays of the underworld. She values family and friends above all others. A good student, she relies heavily on her retired biker uncle Red. She loves him like a father. 

     A star on the track team, she goes for a training run that changes her life. When a terrifying creature born of mud, chemicals, and the DNA of a long deceased serial killer and rapist corners her on a deserted trail, deep in the woods, Allie realizes she must escape his clutches or become a victim.

     Having witnessed the creature kill another runner on the trail, and the owner of a tackle shop, Allie undertakes an all-out sprint to the only place she can think of which provides safety, the gang’s headquarters. Her safety is short lived as the creature destroys her family and the only home she ever knew.

     On the other side of town, a psychically gifted man named Dale, wakes to the revelation he is seeing life through the eyes of a teenage girl being attacked by a monstrous creature. He can feel the creature’s urges to do harm and a sense of dread overtakes him as he realizes the creature is alarmingly familiar. Too real of an experience to be dismissed, he knows what he must do. Dale is spurred into action to rescue the teenager and her uncle from the clutches of a creature hell-bent on killing and raping the girl while killing anyone getting in its way.

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Crimson Tassels

Saving the life of a soulmate is difficult when her body has been hijacked…

     Elizabeth loved her husband Jack with an intensity only seemingly attainable in a dream. Their lives lay out before them with a new home, friends, and new town filled with endless possibilities. Deep in the heart of her new life, a troubling tide of dark dreams and strange hallucinations swelled.

     A boarded-up farmhouse in the corn fields of Illinois provides a clean slate to indulge Elizabeth’s love of home remodeling. Secretly, Elizabeth’s happiness dwindles as she engages in a pitched-battle with the home’s previous, and long deceased, matriarch who insists Elizabeth’s life is in imminent danger. The threat allegedly emanating from the man she loves. The only recourse is to commit an unimaginable murder.

     Forcing the evil presence from her mind, Elizabeth decides they must leave the malevolent spirit and the house behind. Before she can act, the spirit undertakes a desperate play. Imprisoning Elizabeth within her own mind, the long-deceased woman takes over the now vacant body. Intent to force a confrontation, Elizabeth must struggle back from her own subconscious and stop a determined spirit from murdering the one she loves.

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Dramatic Dead

     The heart of the city is being gutted by a ritualistic serial killer and the police have hit a wall. Dirk, a private detective, is thrust into the maniac’s world by a mother’s desperate plea. A tragic mistake leads the killer toward his next victim: a girl with ties to the investigation. Now Dirk and his quirky team of problem solvers must race against the clock to find the killer before the next victim is claimed.

     A private investigator, his best friend, a cop, and a specter named Victor are all that stand in the way of a madman and his next victim.

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Unsolved cases eat at the soul of any private investigator like an untreated ulcer.

     The longer it festers, the more painful it becomes. This is especially true when the people you are hired to find remain stubbornly unfindable. While one case goes cold, a fresh case heats up as a series of burglaries lead the team on a hunt for a thief targeting a group dedicated to a life of servitude and charity.


     Dirk, Carrie, and even young Claire find themselves in the crosshairs of determined killers and only one member of the team holds the key to ensuring they survive long enough to crack this nearly unsolvable case. A team member who has been dead for over 150 years.

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     Meghan and her teenage son, Kyle, get a discounted rate at an upscale resort due to a last minute cancellation. Meghan wants to spend some time with her son before he takes off to college where she worries she will lose touch with the one person in her life which gives it meaning. The resort sits along the shores of beautiful Lake Oleander. The seemingly idyllic lake has two things going for it, the upscale resort and the town of Riapoke, which they are warned to stay as far away from as possible.

     A beautiful day leads to the accidental meeting of Mike Chase, and his daughter, Kelley. While the two kids hit it off as friends, Meghan and Mike feel an attraction and decide to spend a little more time together to see if their feelings for one another are genuine. Meghan worries she could never have for anyone like that ever again.

     The morning of the lunch date, Meghan and Kyle spend a little time boating on the beautiful lake before Meghan was set to meet Mike for lunch. Their outing ends in both swimming for their lives through a rainstorm that sinks the resort’s boat. They make it back to what they suppose is the resort’s boat docks, only to find out it is the docks of the town of Riapoke. Both mother and son are apprehended by the Riapoke’s only law enforcement officer and are held to meet Donny, the town’s mayor, judge, and unofficial Chief of Police. Donny secretly wears one other official title, high priest of a secretive cult responsible for the care and feeding of a demon residing beneath the bedrock of the town.

    Mike grows suspicious about his missing love interest and her son and tracks them down to the secretive municipality. Sneaking into town, he moves to save everyone before Meghan and Kyle become the final sacrifices, completing a prophecy spelling either doom or salvation for the town or Riapoke.

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