Crimson Tassels

How do you save the life of the man you love when a malevolent soul hijacks your body?

Elizabeth felt the kind of love for Jack in a way all little girls dream of. Her thoughts swirled with ideas of crying babies, home renovation, and enjoying being with the man she loved.

A boarded-up home in the corn fields of Illinois promised everything newlyweds would want out of life. Thinking she could make the house perfect, she tamped down a growing and increasingly uncontrollable tide of dark dreams and strange hallucinations.

Forced into a pitched battle for her own sanity, Elizabeth became increasingly convinced the malevolent spirit was right and her best recourse might be to simply let herself be pushed into the darkest recesses of her own mind. The bigger question now is how she can wrestle back control of her own body from the evil spirit before her husband is forced to kill her?

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